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Author:  ilias [ 23.06.2009 14:22 ]
Post subject:  UDP

I'm trying to activate UDP on my ZERINA 0.9.5b on IPCop, but it won't work, it only gives me the possibility to use TCP instead. I'd prefer UDP as it should permit a faster performance. Is this normal, i.e. it's not yet been implemented on ZERINA?

Author:  note [ 06.07.2009 07:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: UDP


I haven't got Zerina myself, but on this screenshot it shows that UDP should work and I haven't heard otherwise.

Author:  ilias [ 06.07.2009 08:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: UDP

Thank you for your answer. I should explain myself better, I apologize for not having done so previously.
I chose TCP as the protocol at the beginning and created certs and users. Now restarting the server with UDP doesn't function. I got rid of all the OpenVPN users and their config files and keys, but it still won't restart with UDP (automatically falls to TCP).
Should I remove the root certs too?

Author:  dl5ym [ 06.07.2009 11:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: UDP

set correct TCP or UDP ! and it works
you can change protocol and restart - if you want -

you may have a look at config-files / avr/ipcop/ovpn/....

settings are done only with a complete (VPN)server restart ( huch ...openvpnctrl ??)


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